Mount Rinjani Lombok

Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia
Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its volcanoes complete with beautiful views. One of the most famous mountain is Mount Rinjani on Lombok island. The second highest mountain in Indonesia which has a beautiful savanna at the top of the mountain.

Mount Rinjani is located on Gunung Rinjani National Park, precisely in the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This area is one of Indonesian paradise because of the exotic natural that is so charming. Moreover, not only from local tourists, foreign tourists are also often climb this mountain.

Climbing Mount Rinjani is known for its high difficulty level. However, when it reached the top of the mountain, you will be served by a very beautiful savanna views. Not to mention the “Segara Anak” lake who exudes it’s charm. Absolutely perfect view! Mount Agung in Bali, Mount Ijen-Merapi in Banyuwangi and Mount Tambora in Sumbawa clearly visible when the weather is nice in the morning. to climb Rinjani is not required a tool, just required your stamina, patience and “passion”.

Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia
Rinjani Erupted in 1994
The whole trip can be accomplished in two days one night, or if you want to see two other objects: “Susu” Cave and mount “Baru Jari” (Mount Rinjani child with a new crater in the middle of the lake) need an additional two days’ journey. Logistical preparation is necessary, but fortunately everything can be found at a nearby village. Tent, sleeping bag, eating utensils, food and whatever is needed (including radio communications) can be rented from the homestay village that flourished in Senaru.

If you want to visit Lombok, you can directly use the aircraft that is heading to Lombok International Airport (Bandara International Lombok), or by using the ferry.

Another alternative if you wish to visit the island of Lombok in addition to the plane or ferry. you can use a fast boat from Bali to Lombok Islands. There are several options that operate fast boat from Bali island to Gili Trawangan and Lombok island harbor “Telok Kodek” such as : Gili Cat, Blue Water Express, Eka Jaya, Ocean Star, Narooma and Gili Gili.

Rinjani mountain locations

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