Beautiful angel in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Under water vacation
Labuan Bajo Under Water

There are tens of diving spots available in Labuan Bajo, West Flores. But for the beginner diver, Bidadari Island is ready to satisfy you with a beautiful underwater garden.

Labuan Bajo located in West Manggarai, West Flores, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is famous for its underwater attractions. Dozens of diving point spread in the islands. You can enjoy a vacation on the island because there are many options places for the diver.

For the beginner diver can also feel the beauty of the “Labuan Bajomarine park. And one of the diving point for beginners is Bidadari Island. The island is an area of 15 acres located in the north of Labuan Bajo.

To reach the “Bidadari island”, you can take a trip through the ocean by using the speedboat for 15 minutes. you will feel, quiet atmosphere of the beach is inversely proportional to the height of the tourists who exploring under the sea islands. Ships from diving agents in Labuan Bajo are spread across the waters of the island. Dozens to tens of divers enjoy the fun of exploring the waters around the island.

The flow of sea water is calm, beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish became the perfect blend for the beginner diver. Intro diving, is the name for the beginner diver who do not have a diving certificate. When you dive in “Bidadari island”, colorful coral and sea anemones will greet you at the depth of one meter.

“It’s the perfect place to intro diving because of the coral reefs are not too deep and the flow are not malignant,” said one of diving guides, some time ago.

Unique fish and other marine animals can be easily found here. Lion fish, clown fish and sea hare are some of marine fauna which can be found at the bottom of Bidadari Island. No need to worry with the current because the current is very quiet and will not disrupt your diving event.

When finished diving, you can snorkel, while waiting for the sun sank beneath the island. Snorkeling in the “Bidadari island” is no less beautiful than diving. Because anemone in “Bidadari island” is very close to the surface of the water, you can dive freely and enjoy the beauty of the marine park closer. If you are lucky, you may cross paths with a group of dolphins passing not far from the coast of Bidadari Island.

If not satisfied, you can stay on the island because there are 11 villas or lodges that can be visited. No need to worry about diving and snorkel equipment because the owners of the villas are diver. They sell and rent diving equipment complete with guide services in the water. The price offered here range from the hundreds of thousands to millions rupiahs. Dreaming about your diving here!

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