Feel The Silence of Papua in Lake Sentani

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Lake Sentani

Papua was rich in natural beauty. One of these natural wealth is Lake Sentani in Jayapura. A large lake in the peaceful silence in the land of Papua.

Been to Papua, guaranteed you’ll be amazed by nature. Dense forests, lakes, and beauty of small islands, a major treat of Papua. While in Papua, take a visit to “Lake Sentani”. You can enjoy the stillness and a wide assortment of “Papua culture“.

This lake has beautiful scenery and is located near Jayapura, the capital of Papua province. The lake is embracing “Cyclops Mountains” in the north and be a home for 24 villages which is located around the lake.

To see the glint of lake water, you can see them from the Mount Makatur. Here, clearly displayed the beauty of Lake Sentani. The lake is blue mixed with green color from the ranks of Cylops Mountains, make such an atmosphere of silence indefinitely. On the hill there is also a museum that contains the story of General Mac Arthur, General of the U.S. war, during World War II.

Waded into the lake is also a fun activity. You can hire a boat from surrounding communities to explore the Lake Sentani. you can encounter Gusts of wind and a serene atmosphere during the trip. Do not forget to meet a very friendly community on the banks of the lake.

Sentani lake has an area of ​​approximately 110 km2, and there are several small islands in the middle, among other ASEI Island, Ajau Island, Yobeh Island, Kensio Island Kensio, large or Putali, Puyoh and Yonokom Island. One of the famous island of ASEI with bark painting craft. The painting is unique!

This lake is also the home for 33 species of fish. Is partly fish that only live on this island, one of which is a saw fish (Pristis Microdon). You can feel the distinctive cuisine of fish around the lake. Communities around Lake Sentani very friendly and open to tourists. so do not be ashamed to greet them.

The silence of Papua is located on Lake Sentani.The Charm will make you admire Papua nature.

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