There is a secret beach on the island of Bali

balangan beach, bali by indonesian tourism

This is not possible in Bali! Once the traveler said when he saw the charm Balangan Beach, Bali. The white sandy, quiet, and hidden behind a hill north of Dreamland. Balangan beach is a beautiful beach, and still unknown by tourists.

While other beaches filled with tourists in Bali, “Balangan Beach” had not even known by tourists. Beautiful stretch of white sand spread like a carpet that is still very smooth and clean. There are no folds or stains that failed.

Balangan beach is one of the rows of beautiful beaches in the area of ​​Uluwatu, Bali. This beach is located precisely in the region Pecatu, not far from Dreamland. This region is a storehouse of beautiful beaches.

Yes, do not be surprised if bored with Dreamland, many tourists, especially surfers walked to the Balangan beach. Even then, only tourists who know about the existence of the Balangan beach.

balangan beach, bali by indonesian tourism

The atmosphere is very much different from other beaches in Bali. Sound waves fetchingly in Balangan Beach still be heard clearly. Gusts of wind shaking and swaying palm trees lined can be feel when it hit the whole body.

Stalls with thatched roof and a Hawaiian-style decoration on the beach. Instant noodles and a cold beer became a favorite dish of tourists who come. Besides rows of palm trees, lined chair without residents become the other scene on the edge of Balangan beach.

All the peace that is created on the edge of beach Balangan look perfect, while side by side with the blue sea with waves and flirty. Waves on this beach is similar to the Dreamland waves. Therefore, surfing becomes a choice of every tourist who comes to this location.

Not only surfing, lots of traveler activities can do here. Swim, play sand, and sunbathing while sipping a coconut ice taste better when in Balangan beach. However, you still have to be careful because there are reefs in some parts of Balangan Beach.

Towards this hidden paradise, tourists can travel from Kuta. Take the direction towards the Bypass Ngurah Rai passes to Nusa Dua, and turn toward Uluwatu. Then there will be a signpost towards Balangan beach.

Remember! Do Not be fooled by a view that is similar to the Maldives or the coast of Hawaii. This is where the most appropriate place to say “Bali is beautiful“.

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