Bawomataluo Village of Nias, North Sumatra

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Nias Jumping Rock

 Bawomataluo Village, North Sumatra, is a traditional village which is quite popular in South Nias regency. The tourism village is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Bawomataluo means hill of the sun. From its position alone, the village has been able to attract tourists to visit. Consistent with the name of this village is located in the hills with the cool air. Uniquely in the Village Bawomataluo surface is composed by rocks, different from the other Regional wich covered by ground.

It is said that the village has existed since hundred years ago, or more precisely the megaliths age. As the evidence, in this village there are remaining rubble at that time. For example, King Nias Traditional House is now a residence for the fourth descendant of King Nias. There was also consensus hall that the seat is made from rocks.

In this place, tourists will also find the greatest complex of Nias traditional house. Moreover, life in the village of Bawomataluo is still very original, complete with its traditions, such as traditional houses, traditional stone jump, dance war, and the relics of megalithic culture. So, naturally if visit to this village, the visitors will experience a very different atmosphere.

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The uniqueness of this village can be seen when tourists climb the “ladder entrance to the villages”. Although the hundreds of years old, the buildings are still very well preserved. In addition to the buildings, the unique of these villages is the existence of a Dutch cannon that never change places. And, besides of the cannon lying black stones which reach 4 – 5 meters in length. According to the people of Nias, it is a long stone seat from “Nias king” when he was saying something to the people.

Travelers who want to visit this tourist village can start from the “Polonia Medan Airport”, then continued to use a local flight to the “Binaka Airport”, Gunung Sitoli, Nias. The flight takes approximately 1 hour travel. After that, proceed with the hilly and winding road down as far as 100 kilometers. With an already asphalted road conditions, travelers can use a private vehicle or public transportation.

Most of the tourists who visit the village Bawomataluo curious about the tradition of “Nias jumping rock” which very famous. In addition, they also want to see the other Nias cultures directly. Because of its traditional atmosphere that is still familiar, many say Bawomataluo Village is the only village that still adhere to customs and to preserve its traditions.

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