Sianok canyon, Its beauty Make Anyone Fall In Love!

sianok canyon, indonesian tourism

Sianok Canyon” or “Valley Pendiang” is the most beautiful destinations in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. precisely located in the border town of Bukittinggi in District IV Koto, Regency of Agam, West Sumatra. Here, you can see the valley which has towering cliffs. Its beauty will make anyone fall in love.

sianok canyon, indonesian tourism

For nature lovers would be familiar with this place. a steep green valley that has a depth of about 100 m which stretches along 15 km with a width of about 200 m and below the winding creek flowing between the crevices of cliffs against a background of Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang.

The beauty of the “canyon Sianok” can be seen from Panorama Park in Bukittinggi or you can also go directly to the canyon, which is a residential area and paddy fields. To enjoy the view from the park, visitors can pay an entrance fee of Rp. 3,000 each person. Besides the beauty of the canyon, visitors can also visit the Japanese bunker at the bottom of the canyon. Sianok canyon is the most beautiful places in West Sumatra, especially at sunrise and sunset.

When exploring this place, there is a small river, the cliffs are solid, and the cold air. What an incredible opportunity to stare straight one perfect masterpiece of the creator. Come visit to the canyon Sianok!

sianok canyon, indonesian tourism

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