Sempu Island, “the lost paradise” of East Java

Sempu Island by indonesian tourism
Sempu Island

Natural oasis that lies deep in the hinterland village of Tambakrejo, District “Sumbermanjing Wetan”, exactly the opposite of Beach “Sendang Biru”. It was called Island Sempu.

The island has a natural beauty, exciting struggles and challenges needed to be able to enjoy it. Before crossing into Sempu, you’ll be treated to hospitality fishermen on the coast of  “Sendang Biru”. On this beach, you can walk along a stretch of white sand, looking into the activities of fishermen or the fish auction.

Sempu Island by indonesian tourism

To get into Sempu, you must obtain permission from the manager because this island is a protected nature reserve. It is unfortunate, if this beautiful island became destroyed by the hands of irresponsible visitors. After obtaining permission, we can hire a boat to cross to the island Sempu, a boat can carry up to 10 people, and charged 100 thousand rupias for the shuttle. We will be delivered to the Gulf of ants on the north side of the island.

Then the journey continues on foot through the lowland tropical forests.
visitors must pass through difficult terrain until the angle of inclination 60 degrees. The most challenging is when you pass the bridge of the spanning tree fell on a natural river. If lucky, will see hordes of wild monkeys hanging from the roof of the forest. Forest bird graced this trip, too. Two hours later the smell of the beach was ambushed, when the waters “Segara Anakan’ was seen as an end tropical forest.

Segara Anakan is a small, white sandy beaches. No single occupancy on the ground, so if you want to stay, you have to bring tents and other adventure equipment. The water of Lake Segara Anakan actually comes from the waters of the Indian Ocean. The water came in through the large round hole in the cliffs of the southeast. So when the waves come in, the water will look so beautiful like a blast of the dragon. Indistinct from the beach “Segara Anakan”, are still heard the crash of the Indian Ocean hit the steep cliffs on the south side of the island Sempu. If it rises to the top of the cliff at the Segara Anakan, will be seen a stretch of a vast Indian Ocean.

Sempu Island by indonesian tourism

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