All day bike ride in the Prambanan Temple

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Sojiwan Temple

 If during this time, “Prambanan” only famous for its temple, actually there are many other temples at Prambanan that fun to visit. Starting from the District Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta to District Prambanan, Klaten, you can find many ancient Mataram heritage site in 8-9 century AD.

The location for all of the temple in Prambanan are close enough, so you can do one day trip for all temples. The coolest way to get around of the temple at Prambanan is by bicycle. Don’t be confused to find a bike rental. There are many bike rental around Prambanan,and the price was cheap.

Let’s start touring! You could take the starting line of Prambanan temple, followed by a tour around it. If you ride to the north, you can find ‘Sewu Temple’ which still in an area with Prambanan Temple.

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Sewu Temple

From the temple Sewu, oars your bike to the temple Plaosan which is located approximately 400 meters to the east, adjacent to the Village of Plaosan. While on that place, you will be faced with a Buddhist temple that has been restored, do not miss the debris scattered stones from the temple.

No less interesting of this place is the discovery of new temple site. Travelers can be watch from close the discovery of new sites in the rice fields owned by residents. The new site that found by archaeologists are the former of irrigation channels, pool and Plaosan outer fence.

From the temple of Plaosan, then the journey continues to the south, to Sojiwan temple, in the village of ‘South Kebon Dalem’, Prambanan. This temple, recently restored and now stands intact, even though damaged during the 2006 earthquake.

After visiting the temple Sojiwan, take a break for a moment and enjoy the air in the village of Prambanan. Once is enough break, oars around Prambanan can be continued toward the west.

while along the street of Yogya and Solo, you can see the Kalasan temple and Sari temple. The location of these two temple are adjacent, which is just across the street and can be reached quickly.

the journey was continued to the last temple, the Temple of Kedulan. This temple is situated in the village of Tirtomartani, Kalasan, about 2 km of Kalasan.

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Plaosan Temple
Temple Kedulan is quite interesting to visit because of relatively new. The temple was recently discovered in the 1990s by residents while processing fields. The temple was discovered at a depth of about 3 meters from the ground. The condition of the temple was still buried in the soil and sand the rest of the eruption hundreds of years ago.
after visiting the temple Kedulan Done, it’s time to go back to Prambanan to the east with a distance less than 2.5 km.

after all day on a bike tour of Prambanan, quite fun and inexpensive.

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