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kampung batik laweyan, solo

Solo as a city of batik that inherits the values of Javanese culture. for this purpose, the annual event held in SoloSolo Batik Carnival‘. At the carnival activities undertaken in the main streets of the city of Solo, will be featured more than 350 participants dressed in batik designs.

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batik and heritage of the spirit ‘of Javanese culture’ that is embedded in the city of Solo, was absolutely right, because after all for the people of Solo, batik and ‘Javanese culture’ are the two things are inseparable. since the first age, people of Solo are wearing batik, in both events at the palace as well as in everyday life. In addition, in Solo we can find traces of power and cultural history of Java.

Looking at the history of the city of Solo, then we will find that the city of Solo in the Sultanate of Mataram was founded in 1745 in the village of Sala on the banks of Bengawan Solo River and had been a seat of government at the end of the Sultanate. When it finally broke, then Solo became the center government of ‘Kasunanan Surakarta’ and ‘Praja Mangkunegara’.

In the process, ‘the palace Solo‘ as the heir to the history of Java. prioritizes the values ​​of Javanese culture. A variety of historic buildings, art products, and traditional foods can still be found in Solo, one of which is Kampung Batik Laweyan.

Kampung Batik Laweyan is the center of batik in Solo which historically has been there since the days of empire Display in 1546. In the history of its development, when Solo became an important trading town.

kampung batik laweyan solo

visit the region of this batik village, then we will see an area that is designed with an integrated concept, where hundreds of batik artisans make and sell various batik motifs such as Tirto Tejo and Truntum with varying prices. Here visitors are invited around the narrow alleys ‘public housing’ that high-walled compound. Given the history and significance of this region, the City of Solo has long ago protect the building that has a wealth of ancient Javanese architecture, and foster the continuity of batik craft industry in the region, and make it as a historical tourist area.

You can see for yourself the condition of the river environment of the legendary Bengawan Solo while understanding the historical values inherent in this river. The Sultanate of Mataram building was first founded in this river, the predecessor of Surakarta and Praja Kasunanan Mangkunegara.

kampung batik laweyan solo

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