Aceh Tourism is a gift for Indonesian Tourism

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Lhok-Nga Beach

Lhok-Nga Beach
Lhok-Nga Beach

Aceh province or commonly called the ‘Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam’ (NAD) has the potential to attract tourism. Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia and is located on the western island of Sumatra.

indonesian tourism
Takengon Lake

Actually, the province has many interesting attractions, for example, one of the most famous is beach-Lhok Nga. In addition to beautiful scenery, ‘Lhoknga beach‘ has white sand. Moreover, the panorama of the hills around the beach Lhoknga.

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Hot Springs

There are also ‘Fresh Water Lake‘ is located in the mountains. The lake is located in the Takengon, Central Aceh. Another interesting place is the pool of Hot Springs which located at Simpang Balek a distance of approximately 14 km from Takengon. Travelers who vacation here believe that the pool is also frequently visited by foreign tourists are able to treat some types of skin diseases.

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Cut Meutia Traditional House

If travelers want a vacation in addition to the above objects, there are also historical attractions such as traditional house Tjut Meutia. Tjut Meutia is one of the heroes of the National women from Aceh. Tourists can come to the township Matangkuli, Pirak village if you want to know about the traditional house of Tjut Meutia.

In addition, tourists who want to know about the tsunami disaster could also come to the Tsunami Museum. This museum was founded to commemorate the tragedy of hurricane Tsunami in December 2004

For tourists who like the challenge, can enjoy the fresh ‘Waterfall 7’, was named Seven because it has 7 Levels. In this waterfall, tourists can enjoy rafting on the river flow that challenges!

For a Muslim who wants to see religious tourism, can visit the Great Mosque Baiturrahman. The mosque is said to be one of the grandest mosque in Southeast Asia.

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