Want to Know Originally Jakarta, Visit This Betawi Village!

Not only Ancol, Old Town (Kota Tua), and Ragunan which became a tourist destination in Jakarta. There are many exciting destinations and full of culture that actually forgotten, such as the Betawi village. let’s visit one by one this Betawi village!

Rawa Belong Village, West Jakarta

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Rawa Belong

Kampung Rawa Belong in the Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta has become one of the surviving Betawi villages. Not only from their houses, but residents in Kampung Rawa Belong still hold and preserve the Betawi culture.

With a strong characteristic of Betawi, of course, can provide attraction to tourists. Rawa Belong is one of the old village in Jakarta. This village is famous for its arts and Betawi ‘dressing cultivation’.

In this village travelers can see the original traditional Betawi culture. Not only that, here tourists can shop for beautiful flowers in Rawa Belong Flower Market and continue Betawi culinary tour. Remember! Rawa Belong known for its champion, like Si Pitung and Si Item. Thus, tourists can also learn the history of the arts and deepen the Betawi culture here.

Setu Babakan Village, South Jakarta

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Setu Babakan

Setu (lake) Babakan be one of Betawi settlement which is still famous. This settlement was located between the borders of South Jakarta and Depok.

In addition to cheap, here travelers can feel the strong atmosphere of Betawi culture. Starting from the gate and the houses, the majority are still in Betawi style. Although, there are some who have changed it to more modern, distinctive touch of Betawi never eliminated.

Every Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00 pm, tourists can see typical dish dance, art, music Betawi here. On some evenings, visitors can also view or practicing silat Betawi (Betawi’s traditional martial art).

Region with an area of 289 hectares have two Setu, the ‘Setu Babakan‘ and ‘Mango Bolong Setu‘. While enjoying the coolness with a walk on the edge of Setu, travelers can also enjoy water tourism or culinary of Betawi that sold at the edge of the Setu. Known, on the outskirts of the Setu is still surrounded by shade trees.

For “the boys”, can have fun with water attractions provided. They can play duck-shaped boat or some other water games.

Houses Si Doel, East Jakarta

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Houses Si Doel

In the area of Tanah Tinggal, Ciputat, South Tangerang, and there is also in Condet, East Jakarta. Here you can still feel the strong typical atmosphere of Betawi culture.

In Condet, East Jakarta. Not much different from its location on Tanah Tinggal. Si Doel house in Condet, also offers a variety of arts Betawi culture. However, unfortunately Condet atmosphere is lively and has now stalled.

While in Tanah Tinggal, the location is also used as a ‘tourist city forest’ which still very cool and beautiful. First here to be the set of Si Doel. However, now the site has been developed and become an exciting tourist area.

Only need to pay about Rp 10,000 per person, you can already play in this rural environment. Here, tourists can learn to harvest rice, flying fox, climbing rope bridges, and other games. Satisfied adventure in the village Si Doel, tourists can see various Betawi arts, such as wood carving, dance, and other typical Betawi cuisine.

The Pitung village, North Jakarta

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The House of Si Pitung

Pitung, this Betawi champion is already well known all over Jakarta. Now the great man memorialized for a settlement in parts of North Jakarta, namely Marunda.

‘Kampung Si Pitung’ or Kampung Marunda, so people know it. Here tourists can see the house of Si Pitung. Ancient architecture with wood material is perched majestically on Jl Kampung Pulo Marunda. This house has become a preserve Betawi culture maintained its authenticity. In addition, here tourists can see the Betawi culture, such as performances Palang pintu, Gambang Kromong, and the Betawi martial arts (silat).

Well, want to know The genuine of Jakarta? Nothing wrong with you to visit this village. Enjoy and feel the real atmosphere of Betawi life!

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