largest lake of jellyfish in the world

lake kakaban
Jellyfish of Lake kakaban

This is one of the most unique places in the world. A place where we can interact with a jellyfish without fear of sting. The lake is usually composed of fresh water, but not to those in Kakaban, East Kalimantan. The lake is composed of brackish water and is inhabited by a jellyfish which do not sting. Lake Kakaban defined as the largest jellyfish lake in the world

Lake Kakaban have jellyfish which is unique because it is at the bottom of the lake with tentacles facing up. One thing that is strange, because usually the jellyfish are on the surface and has its tentacles facing down.

Lake Kakaban included in Derawan Islands. Kakaban included in the district of Berau, East Kalimantan. Is approximately 1 hour using a speedboat from the island Derawan.

From a distance, Lake Kakaban looks solid. Reefs that lined the walls and covered with tropical trees of green color in contrast with the bright blue sky. Plus the sparkling white sand, clear sea water greenish blue, and coral reefs are visible from the surface of the light water. Absolutely perfect divine creation.

But that’s not the main attraction of Kakaban. To see the main attraction of Kakaban, you should go the way of entering the island of wooden stairs and bridges, that would be enough to warm up exercise before plunge into the “Lake Kakaban“. This is what makes Kakaban be special in the eyes of the world. On the island there is an ancient form of the number nine, which formed about two million years ago due to the onset of rock with a height of up to 50 meters. Then, rock made ​​a number of trapped water, and formed the lake. Ancient lake inhabited by thousands of different species of jellyfish by UNESCO in the set as one of the world heritage.

lake kakaban by indonesian tourism

Do not be afraid to plunge into the lake Kakaban, because jellyfish in lake kakaban very tame and do not sting, by the process of natural evolution. The absence of predators in the lake is made ​​of jellyfish found there lost its sting. In addition sea water mixes with ground water and rain made ​​the water in a brackish lake.

Not satisfied just to enjoy Kakaban from the mainland, then try to another part of the island to enjoy the underwater world. Snorkeling and diving are very suitable to do there. From the pier, do not have far to find a spot of coral reefs.

Like most of the underwater garden of course the underwater world of Kakaban also filled with various types of coral reefs and marine fish of various colors, sizes, and types. Coral reefs become a view of the underwater world. Seen some shy clown fish hiding in anemone.

In lake kakaban can be found under the sea cliff. A wonderful but terrible sight. That is what will you feel when you are in this area. located at the boundary between shallow and deep seas. but in this area we will find the fish more. The location lake of kakaban is far enough to reach. this makes Kakaban still well preserved.

lake kakaban

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