Solo Batik Carnival

Solo Batik Carnival
Solo Batik Carnival

No need to Sao Paulo, Brazil to see the fashion carnival. The city of Solo in Central Java also has a Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) which is not less glorious costumes. Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) successfully attracted thousands of spectators. Solo Batik Carnival held a carnival which confirms batik as an icon of Solo. Solo is famous as the city of batik. Village Laweyan and Village Kauman prove it. Batik has grown and evolved into a batik business in the small village for hundreds of years.

The main costumes are made ​​from a luxurious and magnificent batik and colored lights, making the special performances of Solo Batik Carnival. No wonder the thousands of spectators coming from various places and crowded streets that serve as the location of the parade. Implementation date Solo Batik Carnival is always changing every year, but starting in 2009 Solo Batik Carnival is always held in June.

Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is followed by no less than 250 participants. Not just local participants, Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is also enlivened by Miss Indonesia, among others, Miss Indonesia, Miss Environment, and Miss Tourism.

Each year, Solo Batik Carnival brings a different theme such as “Mask”, “Flower of the world”, and “Miracle Legend”. These themes are then translated through the costume design of the participants that unique and creative. ‘The style of classical batik’ combined with ‘contemporary batik’ and decorated with beads and the crown, making the costumes more lively. Currently Solo Batik Carnival continues to improve itself in order to become one of the carnival were taken into account in the international arena.

Started From Sriwedari Stadium, then pass through Slamet Riyadi Street eastwards towards Gladag roundabout, then turn left into Sudirman Street and will end at City Hall of Surakarta. The distance of more than 3 kilometers.

The participants waddle in the street with a cool costume. Well the difference with the carnival in Brazil, there is no carnival participants which uses a decorated car. The parade conducted on foot.

Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is one of the entertainment of the people who are very eagerly awaited, is evident from the enthusiastic crowd that came. Spectators who have been waiting for the carnival since the afternoon, immediately pushed into the middle of the road when the carnival begins.

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