Sensing Wildlife in Borneo Kalimantan

borneo kalimantan
borneo kalimantan

For you lovers of special interest tours, vacation must try to ‘Sentarum Lake National Park'(SLNP). There, tourists can catch crocodiles, exploring the woods, and go put out the burning bush. Fun!

Sentarum Lake National Park ( SLNP ) in West Kalimantan are offering different tours. There are many exciting activities to do while in there, like catching a crocodile, see raptors (birds of prey), or participate in a burning forest fire fighting.

it is not difficult to reach this region. You can use the plane to Pontianak, then proceed by road. but do not forget to contact the party responsible for the national park before coming, so that all your needs can be provided.

Start your holiday by enjoying the morning air of Bukit Tekenang, from which the national park must have seemed perfect. Enjoy the beauty of the panorama of the lake and the landscape of  SLNP . Looking at the sky and see the birds of prey flying free. Look at the grace of an eagle in flight. Be witness to greatness.

borneo kalimantan
borneo kalimantan

Still from the Mount Tekenang, point your binoculars at the trees in front. Look at the long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) were having hanging from one branch to another branch.

Well, for those of you who love exploring the woods, should not miss this one activity, jungle tracking at Forest Hill Semujan. Inhale deeply, feel every breath of fresh air that enters your lungs.

The trees will enhance the adventurer in your every move. Do not get hung on the line, enjoy your journey by look around, who knows you will see the proboscis monkey, which was hung on a tree branch.

SLNP vacation also invites you to preserve the forest. One way is by participate in forest fire suppression activities. Together with national park officials, every tourist who comes will be invited to join the fire that burned most of the forest of Borneo Kalimantan.

Well, one of the activities that are also not to be missed is capture the alligator. Hiii! It might seem scary, this activity is one of the favored  SLNP . Of the watchful eye of the crocodile expert!

So, what are you waiting? Go on vacation to Sentarum Lake National Park (SLNP), and feel the wild life in the Heart of Borneo.

borneo kalimantan
borneo kalimantan

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