Perfection of Central Kalimantan

borneo kalimantan

Natural Borneo save a lot of natural wonders, ranging from dense jungle to charming orangutans. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, you can find it all and adventure in it.

For those more adventurous, Tanjung Puting National Park should not be missed. Unspoiled jungle will challenge your adrenaline while exploring it. There is also a unique wildlife and protected in this place, the orangutan. You can interact and play with it up close, funny!

This national park has an area about the size of the island of Bali and has become a national park in 1982. Tanjung Puting also became the first location in Indonesia as an orangutan rehabilitation center.

It takes a long journey and no small cost to visit this national park. Generally, the traveler to spend up to one week to explore the Tanjung Puting. With the broad reach 400,000 hectares, you can spend traveling through the river to land.

borneo kalimantan
Sekonyer River

You can explore Sekonyer River in the park. On either side of the river, there is a very amazing jungle. No wonder, Borneo is worth mentioning as the lungs of the world because of thick forests. Prepare the camera, because scenes like this will rarely be found. On the edge of Sekonyer River there are also several guesthouses and homestays.

There are three orangutan rehabilitation center in the Cape of Good Hope, Tanggui Cottage, and Camp Leakey. In these places, you can see funny animals that exist only on the island of Borneo. Orangutan has a variety of sizes, you can hold the babies are cute and interact with them. Not only that, you can see the behavior of these animals when eating or hanging in trees towering.

In addition to the orangutan, there are many species endemic to this place, among others, proboscis monkey, bear, bobcat, deer, and tiger. you can see these animals while exploring a variety of forest types. Forest types such as lowland tropical rain forest, dry land forests, freshwater swamp forest, mangrove forest, beach forest and secondary forest.

The atmosphere of a typical forest of Borneo will be an unforgettable experience. A wide range of wildlife and forest types, a proof of the perfection of Kalimantan as the lungs of the world.

borneo kalimantan
Sekonyer River

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