Rafflesia Arnoldi Flower in Bengkulu

Rafflesia Arnoldi
Rafflesia Arnoldi

Indonesia is very rich, not only cultural but also flora and fauna. Indonesia has some of the flora or rare plants, such as flowers Rafflesia Arnoldi, known as carrion flowers. This giant flower has a characteristic that is able to invite a lot of attention.

Rafflesia Arnoldi is one of the rare plant that only grows in the southern part of Sumatra, especially in the province of Bengkulu. in 1818, a British lieutenant of Thomas Stamford Raffles and Dr. Arnoldy who was then serving as governor of Bengkulu and botanist, is the person who first discovered this plant in Bengkulu.

The largest part of the Flower Raflesia Arnoldi are five petals that surround the inside, which looks like a barrel-shaped mouth. At the base of the barrel-shaped, there are stamens or pistil, depending on their gender, male or female.  Separation of the stamens and pistils are making a foul-smelling flower fertilization is rather difficult. It takes the help of insects, wind, or water in order to make flower Rafflesia Arnoldi can bloom.

Rafflesia Arnoldi
Rafflesia Arnoldi

Rafflesia Arnoldi growth time can take up to nine months, and if the flowers are blooming, it will only last for a week. No wonder, if not many tourists who are lucky enough to see the flowers that usually bloom in August through November.

When in bloom, Raflesia Arnoldi can have up to 1 meter diameter, and weighed about 11 pounds. These flowers will emit a bad odor, but this smell will attract insects to approach it, thus enabling conception to happen.

Rafflesia Arnoldi flora conservation in the Region of ‘Tropical forests Tourism’ offered by Kepahiang is located in the ‘Village Tebat Monok’. It is about 60 km from the city of Bengkulu, it can be easily achieved, because it is close to transportation routes. The area is still included in the ‘protected forest area’, keep distinctiveness of great value, which is one of the habitats of rare flora Amorphophallus.

During the month of March to November, the area is always crowded with tourists. Visitors who come also making it an educational tour, especially the tourists who come from educational institutions.

Pristine forest, would give the atmosphere of adventure, for you are the adventurous and those of you who love the outdoors.

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