Paradise Island in Belitung

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Kaolin lake located in the Bangka Belitung Islands have all-white panorama. a paradise for photographers, and more spectacular with the light blue water.

Walk to the Bangka Belitung Islands, east of the island of Sumatra, not just talk about the beauty of the beach with large rocks. You can see another charm that is not less interesting, such as Lake Kaolin with all-white sandstone.

Kaolin lake is located at Jalan Murai, or about 15 minutes from downtown Tanjungpandan. This beautiful lake has a dazzling white sandstone.

Kaolin lake is often referred to as the Kaolin Mine Lake. because actually it is a mine in Belitung. All of these minerals to be income for residents in the vicinity. But now, the mining activity was not operating as usual. Kaolin mining scars forming the holes dug with a form that is big enough.

Switch from its role as supporting the economy for the people of the Belitung Islands, the lake is a paradise, especially for lovers of photography. The structure and unique blend of natural colors is an added value for belitung island.

Rocks at Kaolin is white and blue of the lake water into an unusual sight. Natural landscape is also being targeted as a location for beautiful photography. Unlike the White crater that has a sulfur smell, Lake Kaolin has no smell of sulfur.

Now, through natural processes, such as Kaolin as if forming an artificial lake with stunning beauty. As the sun rose, blue and white colors of this lake would appear to change color to golden. The painting of this nature have been hypnotized all travelers who come.

When dry season comes, the depth of the lake began to recede. At that moment, travelers will see the mounds resemble refined sugar or white snow. Here, tourists can still participate or to see the direct attraction of indigenous children Belitung Island.

Indeed, the natural beauty of the island is able to make the tourists gasp. Who would have thought of this lake into a haven of elegant photography.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

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