The prettiest beach in Pacitan

Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach

Klayar coast called the prettiest beach in Pacitan, East Java. This beach has exotic rocks such as those in Tanah Lot Bali. And also this beach has white sand is so perfect!

beaches on the southern island of Java known for her beauty. Starting from Ujung Genteng to Gunungkidul beaches, almost all beach has fine white sand and beautiful scenery. No exception Klayar beach in Pacitan.

Klayar beaches in the District Donorojo, located 35 km to the west of the town of Pacitan. A trip to the beach can be reached by car or motorcycle.

After arriving at the beach Klayar, you will be greeted with the blue ocean in front of your eyes. Waves and wind breezes complement the distinctive atmosphere of the beach. One more scene will make you wonder is the number of rocks on the beach.

The rocks ranging in size from small stones, to the high cliffs. Not least, people call Coastal Klayar as ‘Tanah Lot’ of Java. The view is very beautiful and charming.

You can walk down the beach to take in its beauty. Fine white sand will be your footing. Coupled with a quiet atmosphere, you would like to linger there.

Seeing the waves hit the rocks are exotic scenery. Apparently there is a fountain in Klayar. The fountain is a concern because of the pounding waves are quite heavy and into the rock crevice. Then, the water gushed out like a fountain. You can prove yourself this miracle.

For you fans of photography, this beautiful beach is apt to be a shoot location. Not to mention during the afternoon, gorgeous sunset will appear at Klayar Coast. The beauty on the beach klayar can make you reluctant to leave the beach.

Although there are not yet fully equipped, beautiful beach Klayar able to make anyone fall in love. Pay a visit to the most beautiful beach in Pacitan, and see for yourself the charm.

Klayar Beach
Klayar Beach

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