Pink Beach in Indonesia

Pink Beach in indonesia
Pink Beach in indonesia

Bored with white sandy beaches and black? Indonesia has two beautiful beaches with pink sand. Weekend at two beaches, is guaranteed to make you instantly fall in love!

Indonesia is one country that has many beautiful beaches. The natural beauty, waves, soft sand, crystal clear sea water, into some of the reasons tourists come to the beach in Indonesia.

Moreover, there is a beach with a uniqueness that other beaches in Indonesia do not have. In Indonesia, not just one, but two beaches with pink sand, beaches are:

1. Tangsi Beach, Lombok

Not only in Flores, NTT, apparently Lombok also has beautiful pink beaches. Yes, this ‘beach Tangsi’ in Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The location of this beach is still hidden. At first, not many people know the existence of this beautiful and unique beaches. However, after being known as the Pink Beach then many local and foreign tourists who come to visit.

To get to the beach Tangsi, tourists must travel about 10 km from the center of the village Pemokong. The road to the beach Pink is paved, but it can shake your stomach if not used through the streets like this.

Beach called Pink because pink sand. Pink in color this beach sand grains derived from red coral mixed with sea water. Then, the reflection of sunlight makes the color pink on sand is more visible.

This red coral reefs grow in shallow ‘beach Tangsi’ waves brought them to the shore. Pink Beach, more beautiful with green hills that surround it. In addition, on the left side there is a hill with vast grasslands and from this hill you could see the whole beauty of Pink Beach.

Pink Beach in indonesia

2. Pink Beach, Flores

Pink Beach on the island of Komodo, Flores, NTT, is very famous. This pink sandy beaches became one of the favorite destinations on the island of Komodo, in addition to meeting with dragons. Travelers who have come here also know as the Pink Beach.

This beautiful beach is located on the left side of the island of Komodo. It was located behind the hill and make it more secluded beaches.

Sand does look normal like sand in general, which are white and clean. But this is just a first glance, look at the sand beach is much closer! When the waves reach the shore, the sand is colored pink in sight.

Just like the beach Tangsi, pink color that dominates the sand, mostly from broken shells and marine life that live there. Pink Beach charm will be perfect when the sand sparkling with sunlight. clear blue sea, such as the transparent layer that shows the beauty underwater.

Intrigued by the beauty of these two beaches? Put these two beaches on your holiday list! Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to capture two beautiful beaches and unique.

Pink Beach in indonesia

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