Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali
Penglipuran beautiful village in Bangli regency, Bali

Village Penglipuran Bangli Regency, Bali, has distinctive architectural art. Clean, no vehicles, and amazingly beautiful!

‘Village Penglipuran’ is one of the target object of the tourists while visiting Bangli regency, Bali.

‘Penglipuran’ comes from the word Pengeling Pura meaning a shrine to commemorate the ancestors. The village is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level so the wind was pretty cool, although the sun is quite hot.

From the outside, green atmosphere instantly welcome you. Cars and motorcycles can not go into the village. All vehicles parked in the area near the gate.

The village is so beautiful! The road is made of natural stone. On each side of the road planted with green grass and flowers colorful feast for the eyes. There frangipani, bougainvillea, hibiscus, roses too.

Being on the landscape side, the whole house on either side of the street has a similar entrance. The entrance to each house is called ‘angko-angko’. Originally, angko-angko made ​​of clay. Not too wide because it is designed so as not to enter the motor. There is a board on the edge angko-angko that reads the name of the owner of the home and family members.

The road leads from the village gate at the junction. Looking to the left, down the street with more houses on either side. Look to the right, uphill trek will lead you to a temple on the other end. My choice fell on the track down.

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali
Traditional buildings are beautifully maintained

There are about 200 houses in the traditional Balinese village. Fun, tourists can enter the houses one by one. As I say excuse me, you can go to one of them.

Apparently in addition to the entrance, there is another similarity of homes in Penglipuran. Each house has at least 3 buildings are private homes, bale-bale, and the temple complex. Pura mini in every house, so pretty!

Once down the street to the lower end, I went back to the fork in the road and began walking uphill. Temple is in the middle frame the landscape perfectly. Travelers can rent bali cloth to enter into the temple.

Although it has become a tourist village, the local people are very friendly to tourists. They are also cooperative. You can ask a lot of things about this village. They will answer as much as possible.

Some people are sitting under angko-angko offer me to get into the house. Some of them sell bali fabric and typical local drink called ‘Yolo cemcem’. Acids taste with chunks of fresh coconut in it. One bottle is only Rp 10,000.

Each corner Penglipuran village is very beautiful. Snap in any direction, the result is definitely beautiful. When you get there?

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali
Mini temple in the house residents

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali
Villagers on a daily basis in traditional Balinese attire

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali
Temple at the end of the road

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