Village Without Rollaway Bed

Village Without Rollaway Bed

Every traveler would expect the mattress as bedding when staying in a place. But, no mattress when you are on vacation and stay overnight in the village of East Legung, Madura because villagers have always slept on the sand.

Unique. That’s Indonesia. Indonesia does have a lot of diverse uniqueness that is not owned by other countries. One of the unique and interesting is the village of ‘no mattress’.

When you are traveling to Madura, East Java, try to visit and spend the night in the northern coastal village district Batang-batang Sumenep. Village of East Legung, almost all the people in the village work as fishermen.

Glance is nothing strange. You can spend a holiday by enjoying the life of this friendly fishing village. You can see the fishermen went to sea, playing on the beach, or socializing with the villagers.

But when night falls you will be given a special surprise by the owner of the house where you stay. When you enter the room, you will not find cotton mattress or spring bed as the house in general. Yes, in the room There’s only flattened sand dunes or sand pool.

This does not mean they can not afford to buy a mattress, but since has become local tradition. The sand which is used as bedding is white sand taken from the surrounding coast. Villagers also believe that sleeping in the sand is able to treat arthritic pain. In fact, they have a belief that gave birth in the sand can make a healthier baby.

Uniquely, the sand used for bedding is not sticky in the body. It is also considered to be a distinctive feature. Every room in the house has a plot like a pool bath composed of brick. Then, filled with white sand.

In addition to the rooms, also many white sand scattered on the home page. The women also love to sit and chat in the sand. Sand used by local people have passed the screening process in order to really clean.

Sand used for regular beds cleaned by sieving each morning and afternoon. Replacement of sand were carried out once a year. In addition to the ‘Village of East Legung’, there are two other villages, namely ‘Village Dapenda’ and ‘Village West Legung’.

Tourists who come to these villages could also feel the sensation of sleeping on a mattress. Sleeping in the sand makes the body feel warmer in the winter and be cooler in the summer.

Village Without Rollaway Bed

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