Going to Bali, Make Women More Beautiful

Aquatonic Spa at Ayana
Aquatonic Spa at Ayana

Being beautiful is the dream of almost all women. Traveling to Bali, will make a woman look more beautiful than usual. How so?

It is no secret that the island become the number one tourist destination spa in the world. It is supported by traditional Balinese health and beauty combined with modern technology. Travelling spa in Bali, will make women more beautiful, smooth and shiny! This spa tourism destination that can be visited women who want to look more beautiful:

1. Jamahal Spa, Jamahal Private Resort & Spa

Traveling TripAdvisor site issued a survey on the best hotels in Asia. Jamahal Private Resort and Spa in Jimbaran, Bali received the best ratings. There is a full spa here.

All complete. From hot stone to ‘Balinese back massage‘.

The materials used here are natural, so as to make the body more refreshed. Oil, roots, flowers, chocolate, salt and other raw materials that are used in the spa, everything is taken from nature. Enjoy a massage and natural treatment will help your body and your face looks brighter and prettier.

The most favorite here is Jamahal massage. The spa is 100 minutes with about 85 minutes long massage. After the massage, guests will be given a relaxation of legs and body with the combined techniques from Bali, Japan and Polynesia. The price offered for this facility are various.

Prices start from $ 53 to $ 120. All the calculated per-treatment.

2. Ayana Spa

Luxury resort in the area of ​​Jimbaran, Bali. The resort has a spa facility was awarded as the best in the year 2010, CN Traveler awarded spa Ayana Resort and Spa Bali as “The World # 1 Spa“. As the number one in the world, Ayana has different amenities than other spa and it will make a woman more beautiful.

The facilities here are made with the concept of unity with nature. So you can really pamper your body with natural ingredients.

Ayana Spa has Aquatonic pool containing the warm sea water, then guests will be treatment for 2 hours in the water, wearing jet pressure from ankle to shoulder.

You will be spoiled by the facilities ‘Spa on the Rock’. So you will be in the room treatment made ​​from merbau wood. and thatched roofs are commonly used by traditional houses in Bali. Here also has a direct view to the beach.

Various types of treatment are available here such as the Aroma Sensation which offers a spa with Balinese aromatherapy sensation. The body will be massaged with professional techniques that can soothe tense muscles. There are also Amazing Jade is able to restore the freshness of face and body.

Want a spa with luxurious facilities and services? Try Diamond Miracle. Imagine you’re soaking in the pool of fresh rose petals while overlooking the sea. Services with diamond powder and professional massage techniques will make you much more beautiful and fresher than ever before.

The price offered was varied, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars

3. Amandari Spa

In Ubud, there Amandari Ubud Resort offers a full spa. Amandari Spa Bali is located in the middle of a quiet nature. Natural beauty of Ubud can help return the body’s vitality.

The facilities provided here are massage, facials, body scrubs, and all natural ingredients used.

Not only that, Amandari also offers several special packages for guests, the Spa Journey and Amandari Indulgence. When selecting Spa Journey, guests will be creating a special ceremony. Ceremony held at Amandari Indulgence contains treatment for 3 hours. 1 Hour massage first, then shower scrubs, facials and champagne waiting in the bathtub.

This treatment will help shed dead skin dull. Replaced with new skin brighter and healthier. Who could not love to see beautiful women, perfumed and manicured. Spa offers a price per treatment. The price for the massage here is priced $ 80 / person for bath scrubs while given a price of $ 130 / person.

Journey Package is rather expensive, $ 300 / person, if Amandari Indulgence $ 260 / person, if the couple $ 300.


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