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Village Without Rollaway Bed

Every traveler would expect the mattress as bedding when staying in a place. But, no mattress when you are on vacation and stay overnight in the village of East Legung, Madura because villagers have always slept on the sand. Unique. That’s Indonesia. Indonesia does have a lot of diverse uniqueness that is not owned by

Liang beach in Ambon

Liang Beach in Ambon Ambon has a diverse natural tourist destinations. Liang beach, for example, has a beautiful stretch of white sand. This beach is often visited by foreign tourists for its beautiful coastline and natural underwater. Ambon is not just the capital of Maluku province. The city became a center of tourism and education.

Penglipuran, Beautiful Village in Bali

Penglipuran beautiful village in Bangli regency, Bali Village Penglipuran Bangli Regency, Bali, has distinctive architectural art. Clean, no vehicles, and amazingly beautiful! ‘Village Penglipuran’ is one of the target object of the tourists while visiting Bangli regency, Bali. ‘Penglipuran’ comes from the word¬†Pengeling Pura¬†meaning a shrine to commemorate the ancestors. The village is located at

Pink Beach in Indonesia

Pink Beach in indonesia Bored with white sandy beaches and black? Indonesia has two beautiful beaches with pink sand. Weekend at two beaches, is guaranteed to make you instantly fall in love! Indonesia is one country that has many beautiful beaches. The natural beauty, waves, soft sand, crystal clear sea water, into some of the