Tanah Lot, Bali

Tanah Lot, Bali Tanah Lot, a favorite destination for the traveler who visit Bali. the sacred temple, the rocky beaches, and sunset will steal your heart. Its beauty makes you reluctant to blink. Bali is a tourist paradise with an abundance of natural and cultural charm. One of the charms of nature and culture is

Mummies from Wamena, Papua

Wim Motok Mabel Wim Motok Mabel. That designation mummified sacred by the citizens of the District Kerulu, Baliem Valley. This 278-year-old mummy preserved in the traditional way. The mummy is so powerful magnet for tourists in Papua. When residents of the District Kerulu, issued a ‘Wim Motok Mabel’ from the honai, mummy looked so frail.

Paradise Island in Belitung

Paradise Island Kaolin lake located in the Bangka Belitung Islands have all-white panorama. a paradise for photographers, and more spectacular with the light blue water. Walk to the Bangka Belitung Islands, east of the island of Sumatra, not just talk about the beauty of the beach with large rocks. You can see another charm that is not less

back to the ancient megalith in southern Sumatra

Megalith After Subak in Bali, UNESCO also lists Pagaralam City, located in South Sumatera as a candidate World Heritage Site. This megalithic heritage town has a variety of destinations that can make tourists fascinated. Pagaralam megalithic heritage sites in South Sumatra, was registered as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not surprisingly, the city covering an area