Feel The Silence of Papua in Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani Papua was rich in natural beauty. One of these natural wealth is Lake Sentani in Jayapura. A large lake in the peaceful silence in the land of Papua. Been to Papua, guaranteed you’ll be amazed by nature. Dense forests, lakes, and beauty of small islands, a major treat of Papua. While in Papua,

Hawai of Indonesia

Tanjung Setia Beach Hear the words surf and Hawai, it would immediately come to mind about the beauty of Hawai. No need to go far away to Hawaii, Indonesia also has a beach called “Tanjung Setia” in West Lampung Sumatera with the powerful waves. “Tanjung Setia Beach” is hidden among the thick trees. However, the

Batak Karo Traditional House

Traditional house is one of the nation’s cultural assets. Each region has traditional houses with distinctive features and the uniqueness of each. However, unfortunately the day more people are leaving the area of traditional houses and move in a regular house. Only some regions, people, or tribe which still survive in the traditional house. One

Lembongan Island, Bali

Lembongan Island Tour of the island seemed to be the right choice to fill this holiday season. If you plan to come to Bali, do not miss to stop at Lembongan island and dive into the underwater nature. Lembongan Island or in “Bali” is called Nusa Lembongan is a small island adjacent to the Nusa

Beautiful angel in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Under Water There are tens of diving spots available in Labuan Bajo, West Flores. But for the beginner diver, Bidadari Island is ready to satisfy you with a beautiful underwater garden. Labuan Bajo located in West Manggarai, West Flores, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is famous for its underwater attractions. Dozens of diving point spread

Long holiday in Lombok Indonesia

Gili Trawangan Lombok island has a natural charm as beautiful as the paradise on earth. Vacation to Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara will write dozens of unforgettable experiences. Maximize your long holiday in Lombok, Indonesia. West Nusa Tenggara province is filled with a variety of beautiful tourist destinations. Call it Tanjung An,  and Kuta Lombok

Mount Rinjani Lombok

Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani Indonesia Indonesia is known for its volcanoes complete with beautiful views. One of the most famous mountain is Mount Rinjani on Lombok island. The second highest mountain in Indonesia which has a beautiful savanna at the top of the mountain. Mount Rinjani is located on Gunung Rinjani National Park,

Indonesian tourism

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with abundant natural potential. This blog will share the potential of tourism in Indonesia. Let’s visit to Indonesia …..   Bali Culture of Indonesia Bali Culture of Indonesia Kelimutu Lake of Indonesia Prambanan Temple of Indonesia Tanah Lot Bali of Indonesia Borobudur Temple of  Indonesia Mount Bromo of Indonesia